Simple Screenshotsystem - BGE (V.1.5.0)

today I want to show you a simple Screenshotsystem I’d created.

Blender 2.64


  • Unzip the archive (you should now have two files and one folder)
  • Append or Link the Group “Screenshotsystem” (from the .blend) to your Game-.blend-file (following: Gbf)
    => There should now be an empty with the name “Screenshotsystem”
  • Copy the folder “Sounds” next to your Gbf. [If you like to use the Sound]
  • Copy the file “” next to your Gbf


  • Add a new shutter-sound to the sound-actuator
  • change the key to take a screenshot (Sensor “Keyboard” default value “F10”; DON’T Change the Name “Keyboard”)
  • change the name of your screenshot-folder by changing the property “Screenshot-Folder”

The system saves automatically the current Screeshot-Number to the .bgeconfig file, which appears after the first screenshot next to your Gbf.


  • The script should create the screenshot-folder by itself now and needs less logic bricks.

Download Version 1.5.0 and older:

If you have any questions, tips or bugs, feel free to answer here or contact me via pm or my website.

Edit: Updated the Instructions and Options to the newest Version.

I hope it’s useful,

This is really handy!

Easy to setup, works exactly as expected, screenshots turned out perfect. Thanks for the resource, Im yet to see anyone else set this up in the BGE anyway :slight_smile:

I’d updated the Screenshotsystem, because there were some big bugs in it.

I’d also made everything a bit cleaner (not so much Logic-Bricks).

There is now also a shutter-sound included (License-Free).

I hope you’ll like the update.

Download link in my first post.


Can this be used for recording our gameplay into images and them join all of them into a movie?
(if not, is there a way of doing it?)

I don’t think, that it’s fast enough to record the gameplay with a high framerate.
I’m using an external tool to record my ingame videos. (MSI Afterburner)

Maybe there is a solution to record ingame videos via Blender and python directly, but I don’t know one.

This screenshot system is great!
Is there a way to let the script create the “screenshotFold” if it doesn’t exist?
Thank you!

Thank you! :slight_smile:
And btw a nice idea.
I’d implemented it and made it more “simple”. (Less Logic-Bricks now!)

You can download it at the first post.

The script should create the folder by itself now and needs less logic bricks.

Wow, what a fast and satisfying answer!!! :slight_smile: Thank you very much!