simple script question

hi elysiun,

what i have:

a abstract chrome looking 3d object.
100 cameras, parented to a plane. i need to do this, because i want to render 100 orthographic views, with 1280x1024 pixel for each rendering. then stich them together to get a 12800x10240 high resolution picture for print.

what i want to automate:
the changing of the camera, the rendering, the save process.
i want to select the first camera (i.e. Camera.001), and start the script.
it should render the picture in the given resolution, then save it as picture1.tif increment the camera (to Camera.002), render again, save as picture2.tif … and so on. until all 100 camviews are rendered.

can somebody help me doing this ?
thanks in advance.

better approach: a script that builds an ipo for a single camera

you’re rendering something 42.5 by 34 inches at 300dpi? [sounds like a movie poster… which never appear to be more than 100dpi]

with sufficent memory you could render at 10000 by 10000, you could minimize the needed memory [for the depth buffer and stuff] by turning on parts rendering. So then you’d render in 4 seperate pictures [easy enough to manually create ipos for]…

well. i want to render 100 pictures, a 1280x1024. they should be exposed on digital photopaper, 10x15 centimeters, 304dpi. so if i arrange 100 of these (10x10), i have a 304dpi, 100 x 150 centimeters print (exposure)
i already tried the 10000x10000 resolution render, but thats nothing for my PC :slight_smile:
so, iam very happy with rendering 1280x1024 pics.
the ipo idea is very nice. i will try that tomorrow.

thanks :slight_smile: