Simple set of Cycles, Materials and Nodes Tutorials for new users.

I just uploaded a new series of simple tutorials this weekend for new Blender users. They should help you quickly come up to speed with Cycles rendering in Blender. Enjoy.

Nice work. Really well explained.

Edit: a bit confused by your workflow at the beginning of video 4. When you wanted to mix the 2 colours by texture, why didn’t you simply have the two colours linked like with video 3 and then plug a texture into the Fac of the already existing mix node?

That would have worked as well. I’m always experimenting with different approaches to using Nodes as I’m far from an expert with them. Thanks for watching.

Wow, I’ve just looked at your channel and you have an abundance of many tutorials! As a beginner this is will be very beneficial for me to learn. Thank you for putting them up! ^^

You’re very welcome. Thanks for watching. There are a lot more intermediate and advanced tutorials in the pipeline so you’ll be well-prepared to tackle them. Thanks again.


thanks for the great tutorials! Will try them out…always wanted to create a tornado
(galaxy, whirlpool?)

Added the link to my website. :smiley: > Tutorials/Books > YouTube Channels > Sci Fi Animator

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it! I’ll keep pumping out the tutorials to try and simplify the learning curve for everyone.