Simple Shape Key Script (1 hr. of work - $30 via Paypal) Will share with BA

What I want this script to do:
For a rigged character, add keyframed shape keys for
Current frame = 1
Previous frame = 0
Next frame = 0
Change to sculpt mode while on current frame.
And be a button in the ‘Object Tools’

Essentially I want to add a 1 frame corrective key to the current frame (current character), without going through the tedious task of inserting a keyframe for each key.

I want this to be able to be repeated without a problem (unlimited amount of one-frame corrections)

This is essentially the anisculpt script simplified and updated for 2.6*

This guy says you do not need it any more

thanks for your response kazinger, but it would still be helpful. As you see in that video, he has to manually set 3 keyframes which is very time consuming if you want to have a shapekey correction for every frame of animation. More time may be spent setting keyframes than sculpting the shapes.

NOTE: This project has been accepted, and is currently being worked on by someone.

Since there is still no the script “by someone” I’ve written my own just for fun.
If you like it you can make 30$ donation to the Blender Foundation. :smiley:

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Here it is, free to download free to share, Thanks for your version too Cronk.