Simple style Six Flags animation WIP!

(Stungun) #1

As you might have read,

I went to Six Flags with Goofster and Kib_Tph last friday (the 9th i think).
We had a lot of fun there and some great
laughs as well - which inspired me to create a short about it.

It will be a comedy that’s about 6 minutes long
(title: “Six Flags in Six Minutes”? :))
and will of course feature Timothy, Roel and me

But - I have several projects already running (Alien Deathmatch &
Nicaraguan Wheelchair Kid on a Halfpipe :D) and a new project of this size,
knowing myself, would never get finished.

So, I have created a very simple style which you might compare to
something like a mix between The Muppet Show and South Park.
This style allows me to animate more easily so the project has a better
chance of finishing and will not distract me too much from my other

This is a screenshot from a test animation I created lately.
I made something that should be recognizable as Goofster and made
him say some wacky stuff about this new style. (the voice is me on helium)
I would really like to hear your opinion about this simple style

You can download the test animation from:

I hope to hear from you guys!

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(Stungun) #2

:slight_smile: anyone?

(S68) #3


Cool character, it reminds me of Bill Gates (maybe glasses and haircut).

Can’t get a single word of what he is saying


(Stungun) #4

Haha, I’ll try to make them talk in a way you can understand better in the final movie.
My friends did get what he was saying, btw, but here’s the script:

This is…
the new style
of the movie
Take a good look!
uh, yeah, you know
It’s new and stuff
so… uh…
Check it out! yeah

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(SKPjason) #5

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can’t get over this… I’ve never actually met Goofster… but this anim perfectly captures the “image and sound” my brain assigns to Goofster whenever we chat… hahahaha… Simply amazing… :smiley: However… shouldn’t the bulge in his pants be larger… or at least he says it’s big… :wink:

(blengine) #6

hahahaha thats funny… “check it out”…hehaha

(ZoltarX) #7

Really Cute!!! :smiley:

The head movements are great!

(Vidigiani) #8

Hahahaha! I am sorry, but I laughed my arse off watching that :stuck_out_tongue: Very cool! “Weeeeee. This is the new style… of the movie… style Take a good look cuz… its new and stuff”

(Stungun) #9


Thanks for watching it
Stay tuned for the sequel test anim :smiley:

It will feature Kib_Tph! For real, I already have his character all set up
I’m still wondering about his voice, but it will be high pitched as well,
guess I’ll throw a little accent in to go along with it

Thanks again you guys,

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(SKPjason) #10

Boy… you must go through a lot of helium… got a tank or something?

(Stungun) #11

lol, yeah I got one, and it’s got name

Cool Edit Pro! :smiley:

(Timothy) #12

image is cool dude,…

just sucks I can’t play the animation atm