Simple toon 2d filter

Yup, like it says, got carried away from making what I should be and ended up with this. :slight_smile:

Instructions for changing settings are in the top right text block

Have fun!

thanks for share, very cool!

I have some problems on my Gef7600


That’s odd. Don’t know why it happens, I have a GE Force 9400GT. It’s like the depth texture is quantized…

looks really nice thanks for sharing.

the pic of endi made me laugh so hard XD

I have the same problem as endi. I have a GE Force 7100. I really want to upgrade it, but I would also need to up the power supply.

It says this site has malware. Could you host it on a different site?

Wow Graphicall infected and now ********? :eek: I updated the links in the first post.

Edit: What? I can’t even write ******** in my posts? P-a-s-t-e-a-l-l. Why were the links replaced with *'s in my first post?

Is someone attacking the Blender community at large? :frowning:

]it s nothing, i donwload everytime from there and never got a virus or malware, at least all the files from this blender comunity

Perfect!! :smiley:
Very good!

Thanks!! :slight_smile: