Simple Toy for 3d print

Hi guys i am looking for someone to either

A) teach me how to model the design
B) model it for me

im sure this is really easy for someone but im a complete newbie

pay will be slightly higher if you can teach me how to do it myself as that will be more efficient in the long run.


I’d be really interested in helping you with this. PM me if you like.

I would be willing to whip something up. Feel free to PM me if you still need help.

I would suggest taking tutorials to learn, there are hundreds of excellent ones out there, and it will help you learn much quicker.

Does anyone now how to download and install the addon? When I click on it and save it, it saves as a .txt, and bllender doesn’t read it. Help please!
EDIT: Sorry, wrong thread.

Hi there

I have quite some experience in teaching which I do as my main job, but also can offer you to model this one for you
so you can also print it well or mass produce it.

My background is actually in industrial design and motion graphics.

Take a look at my work online at:

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I have a 3d printer and to model this design you need to consider a different modeling method! I could teach you and model aswell as test 3d print for you.
my portfolio:

Hello, i can model this to you in weekend :slight_smile:
you can find my portfolio below.

I can model it for you in a few hours and at low price. I’ve sent you PM. Check it out :).

My portfolio:

I’ll model it for you for $10. Portfolio in my sig.

I’ll give it a shot! here is my portfolio

Message me [email protected]
Here is my portfolio

i am willing to help, this is not my work I just do blender for fun. At my school there is a 3D printer so I could model it, print it and send you pics of the final result. From there I could edit it if you want so it doesn’t turn out different than expected. PM me if you are interested.

Already started. Email me at [email protected]

I love it when people post job requests and never come back.

You can buy my book Blender 3D Printing Essentials at Packt Publishing or Amazon, that should give you a good idea of how to do it.