Simple Water Animation

Hello everyone,

My question is ‘How do you make a water effect’. I can’t find any tutorials, and I’m desperate, because I am making a game, and it’s going to be around 90% water, so
it’s a pretty big deal.

I’ve got a textures on the plane, so how exactly do I make the texture move around
it? I’m not looking for waves or anything fancy, just a bit of movement. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve included an attachment incase you want to look at it or something:

You can achieve that by animating the UV-coordinates. If you are using blender game engine you can do that with a simple python script (might be possible without scripting, but I’m not sure how)

I have absolutley NO knowedge about python. Is there a way to do it with the

you can certainly animate x and y offsets in the vse. That’s probably not the best approach. May I suggest that you make a tileable animated water texture, animate the texture moving (could be done in the vse) and save the animated texture as a video loop. THen apply the animated texture in game, having it loop endlessly.