Simple weightpaint question, how to reset the weighpaint screen

Hey guys, i have 2 short questions on weightpainting in 2.8

  1. is there a way to reset weighpainting ?
    So i have a simple scene that im populating with particles. (with the Graswald addon) I use weighpainting to paint in some red areas to determine where the particles come. But sometimes… i just want to start all over. At the moment, i set my brush to subtract en I paint over the entire red parts to make them blue again. Is there a way to set the weightpainting to the starting ‘blue’ again? So i can start all over again fastly?

If i remove the vertex group…i can start over again…but that messes up the addon im using… So is there a way to reset the weighpaint screen in the weighpaint viewport itself?

  1. is there a shortcut in Blender 2.8 to switch between add and subtract brush in weightpainting?
  1. Yes… go to edit mode, press A (select all), go to properties > mesh properties > vertex groups, select whichever group and press the Remove button.

Thank you for you reply…
I know I can remove the vertex group…Im wondering if there’s a way to do this without removing the group? Maybe in the weightpaint viewport itself?

The only thing I can think of is using a gradient to cover everything quickly…maybe there’s a ‘fill’ tool like in photoshop?

This doesn’t remove the group - it just removes all the vertexes from the group.

select all the verts, and in the vertex group panel, change the ‘Weight’ textfield to 0.0 and hit the ‘Assign’ button.

Thank you for your reply, that works like a charm!