Simple Yafaray Interior

Hi there !
So long I didn’t post something here ! I decided to play a little bit with Yafaray, maybe I will use this scene for a next tutorial… we’ll see :wink:

Here a first render, very first try ! Bed and pillows made with Marvelous Designer 7, other objects directly in Blender. Not long to do that, around 2 hours of work ( wasting time playing with Marvelous :wink: ), the render took 2m12" with the Photon Mapping method

Update from last post:

Result with AO render pass:

Enjoy ! :slight_smile:

Testing some different walls :wink:
I guess to choose the third one…

I love Yafaray. Great job. I prefer the number three.

Hi Almayer :slight_smile: thx
The same for me, I prefer the third one
Here a new test render, almost finished, just have to add some details and adjustements.
4m28s of rendering with 4 cores on i7 2600k :wink: