simplest of things, but totally lost

so ive been messing around with modelling and animating for a while now, but have never touched the game engine and figured id give it a go.

trying the age old classic of building destruction, i want to use planks but whenever i edit a box into one it all goes pete tong, i lifted the plank a little of the ground and played just to make sure its going to fall, but instead it rises up. if i do the same with an unedited cube it works fine and hits the ground

there seems to be nothing online ( that i can find at least ) about physics or tutorials for it. was wondering if someone knew why its doing this:confused:

Select your plank and go to the Physics tab on the properties panel. Select “Dynamic” or “Rigid Body” for the physics type. Scroll down and change the Collision Bounds to “Box”. That should match the collision bounds to the geometry of the plank and it will interact more realistically in the game engine. Hope this helps.

IF you edit something and your object center stays the same it may no longer actually be in the center. In object mode you want to Object>Transform>Origin to object. Also make sure your physics area isnt larger than your mesh and the above post is good advice also.

*If the plank rises up it probaly means its physics volume is spawning inside your ground planes physics volume.

The scale of your object might not be the same as its mesh. Try selecting your plank and hitting ctrl+a and then select scale from the popup menu.

ok great those worked they now behave like they should. how precise do you have to be with putting blocks ontop of one another, mine keep falling no matter how solid i make my structure

are there any tutorials around for things you can do with physics? i cant seem to find any and im suprised theres not loads around

ha, turns out size does matter :smiley: for physics anyway