Simplify material? Texture-Input for multiple Image-Texture-Nodes?


I’m creating a so called “pent-planar-map”, according to the common triplanar-maps.

The difference is, that there are two additional directions to X and Y: 45° + 135°. Therefore the “pent”, because it’s five directions. :wink:

I want to use it for interior design, furniture-materials, ie. wood. Also wooden doors, windows ect. are planned to be textured this way.

With this material I don’t need any UV-unwrapping etc, because the tileable textures have always the correct size, even in diagonal direction or 45° rotated arrangements. The requirement for UV-unwrapping cannot be replaced for all items, but it should be reduced to a very small minimum by this material.

My problem now is: For any direction I need a seperate Image-Texture node, although they contain the same image!

When I’m going to “upgrade” the material with normalmap- and roughnessmap-functionality etc, it gets 10 , 15, 20,… image textures. Each texture five times!

Is there any possibility to simplify the image-texture-input so I have only ONE node instead of five?

is it possible to script the image-texture node so it has an input-point instead of the image and I can connect all five of these new node with a single Image-Texture-node?

or is there another solution for this problem?

Thanks very much!

Pentplanar-Mapping.blend (1.95 MB)

Left: original, right: box mapping