Simply Cloth - The Cloth Setup Helper Tool for Blender 2.8

I am happy to introduce my Blender Addon Simply Cloth!

With this addon you can create Cloths faster and easier than before. You don’t need a lot of deep knowledge with the Cloth physics settings! You can simply select a presets and quickly adjust them to your needs. Of course some basic understanding of Blender would be nice. The addon is just a help tool to set up quickly and test your cloth objects in Blender!

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Check the overview here:


It seems that’s just a rewrite of the ui for blender’s internal cloth.
It’s not a bad idea but it doesn’t look like it’s related to any of my code.


Yes it’s not a new invention. It’s a Helper tool and not a new solution. But I never said it’s concurrent to your addon or others :slight_smile:

oops. I meant to reply to someone who had asked me if it was related to my code. I think I followed his link to the wrong place.
Your addon looks cool though!


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I bought the addon, because anything that will make life easier for me… do you have a plan for future improvements?

I wanted to get feedback and work with the customers who bought that addon to improve workflow or presets creation. In some cases the resolution is important to achieve the presets quality like shown in the thumbnail. What I want to improve is the calculation of mesh resolution directly by selecting preset. Triangulation of mesh I want to implement like in garment tool by @JoseConseco. :slight_smile:

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This looks really nice and makes cloth a lot more accessible. Worth it for me for the presets alone. Being able to change them on the fly mid-simulation is cool. In a lot of ways it feels like it brings the cloth tools from 2.79 to 2.8+.

I actually also like that it’s a lightweight addon that doesn’t necessarily add anything extra on to the cloth tools as they are, as it’s probably less likely to break with nightly builds/updates.

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I’m really pleased to hear that. This was my intention not to change anything in the standard, but to make it more accessible.

Yes I take the standard presets too, but created some custom to get more intuitive workflow while creating something with pressure and turn it during the simulation on and off to achive interesting results…like seat sacks (in Video shown at

Thanks :slight_smile:

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