Simply game

Blender mini game i made:




awesome game! I know you finished it, but PLEASE, make a score system of how many coins you get and how many blue cubes you killed or else there’s no REAL goal. And then everyone who plays it can tell other people their score here :smiley:

It’s like this game. Check on page three of that link for a mod I made that allows for mouse control. I prefer mouse control better. You could add that as an option.

I like your menu, but the graphics in game could have more added to. The coin sounds cracked me up. I agree that a scoring system would be nice, otherwise there’s no objective.

Looks fun! :smiley:

As you want i added score system:)

awesome thanks :smiley:

My highest is 20 :wink:

Super addicting

5 stars

Happy modeling

Update: Its almost he same game, but this tiem you steer by MOUSE! , and also i add score system, when u kill blue cube:D


BTW: my best score is 122 (COINS):smiley:

Very nice work!

200 boxes, and 45 coins. Not as good as your best, but im sure i can :yes:

im glad to hear somebody is playing this:D