Simulated 2D/3D RADAR and HUD

I have created a simulated RADAR system which shows the RADAR returns on a HUD in realtime. The HUD is displaying the returns in 2D, but can be changed to 3D if the camera in the HUD scene is changed.

The .blend file was created in Blender 2.57.
Radar_Dish_08.blend (1.38 MB)

If you improve this .blend file, or script, please post and share those improvements on this thread. This script is a work-in-progress, so check this thread for any future updates of this script.

Also, please post any suggestions and/or comments for this script.

Happy Blending!

  • cswita

Do you mind posting a screenshot?

Here is a screenshot of a partial RADAR sweep (270 degrees). I held down the “left arrow key” down for approx. 12 seconds, then I took the screenshot. I also changed the “RADAR Delay” property from 100 to 0, so the RADAR sweep did not disappear during the 12 second period.

  • cswita

That is quite frankly VERY cool indeed! I will be looking at this thread with interest!