Simulating gunfire

Does anybody know how to create a particle system that can simulate shells being ejected from an uzi-like weapon? I’ve looked around and so far i’m not coming up with anything. Any help is greatly appriciated.


you already know about dupliverts right? [to get the shell]

you just need random rotation, the problem is the closest thing you would get in blender is the shell [any side of it you wish] pointing at the direction it is traveling.

so, you’d I guess need the side to face the direction it is going

[and, as you can imagine, doing bounces would be very difficult]

This is really giving me a hard time. Is there any way to make the particles/dupliverts follow a path while still being emited from the same palce?


Try this:

I could probably get the random rotation working but it would require python. The particle deflection on the ground should probably be done in python as well. Maybe I’ll play with it this weekend…

You can use a lattice to control the particles’ path.