SIMULATION DEV: Fluid control enabled, ready for testing
I think there’s builds available as people are reporting bugs, if you don’t know that fluid control is available for testing now you know and you can try it out with the first build made for your OS.

what is fluid control?:confused: <— More info

I’ve just uploaded a fresh Windows build to Graphicall, R15704, straight from CVS. :slight_smile:
You can find that HERE.

Let me know if you see any mistakes anywhere (Page, build, this post, etc…) It’s late and my mind’s being a little glitchy. Lol

This looks amazing! Looking forward to eye candy animation water effects. Big thank to coders for enhancing fluids.

Yes, really interesting. Impressive work Daniel.

here is a 64 bit linux build

If you haven’t already looked Genrich added negative attraction forces, allows for neat effects.

Like this could have be THE tool to use for that CG special FX balloon burst competetion of last year.

I wonder if Genrich will allow communication with softbody and cloth simulations since he manages cloth and cloth objects already can have softbody stuff.

I wonder if it would be useful to make a cloth object also a fluid, and I wonder if you can have fluids behave like it’s frozen for the appearence of object demolition.

Oh the possibilities:)