Simulation - Game Engine Problem

I’m following the tutorial of BlenderCookie about the modifier cell fracture.
For this tutorial need the game engine. When I start the simulation with game engine with the option “record the animation”, the activation mesh, that activates the dynamics of my object to break, does not move.
This only occurs when I activate the option “record the animation”, before without the option, if that works.

¿Somebody can help me?

Thanks and sorry for my bad English

I have the exactly same problem on my macbook…and I really can’t solve the problem.

I use Linux Mint, to see if anyone’s have a solution of the problem.

I’ve never used the game engine record feature, so I’m unsure about this. However, if I recall, for objects’ physics to be recorded, they have to be existing when you start the engine. Are your objects existing when you start the BGE?

That’s right.
The “record animation” function doesn’t record the object which are controlled/moved via a motion actuator.

It does only record Objects which use a dynamic physic.

=> If you have a “static” mesh, which activates the dynamic and you move it via a actuator, it wouldn’t be recorded.
=> If your mesh is “dynamic” or a “rigid body” and you move it via a actuator, it will be recorded! :wink:

I don’t know what’s the content of the BlenderCookie-Tutorial, but I think this should solve the problem.


The problem occurs when I use Linux, because when I use windows I have no problem.

when I execute the game engine, the object moves but when i record the animation, no moves, and then when I deactivate the record animation option and press again “P” the object neither moves.

The I have to close and re-open the Blender to get that the object moves another time.

Hi again!
The problem has been discussed at Blendercookie website part 2 reply 15. It seem that this solves the problem. Lock the curve as shown!

Thanks I solved the problem!