Simulation of diesel engine sound.

This is my very first and quick approach to simulate engine sound inside bge.
The final goal is to make a 3d drifting game (with a tracktor!) and i thought that i should start from the sound, as everything else such as movement, acceleration etc is more or less explained in various tutorials found here.<== Thanks to all guys!

Blend file here:
engineSound02.blend (957 KB)

The sound samples are from a very old diesel pump (malkotsis is the name of the brand).


This is very cool - it’s very rare to see anything close to this level of detail outside of veteran industry. I do worry, though, that such commitment to detail will hamper your progress and your framerate. Keep in mind that the player can only care about their own experience - and I’m not sure small details like this will effectively accentuate their time with your game. As a personal project, I love this, dearly - but as a commercial venture (if it is one), I think we can sacrifice a bit.