Simulation of pad number on macbook pro - am i crazy?

A few months ago I went from my desktop to do a little blender on my professional macbook but was immediately frustrated by not having some pad. However, when doing a bit of searching on the Internet, I’ve found something that says you only need to press one or more keystrokes Fn and cmd, alt or ctrl and then 7,8,9, i, o, j, k, l and m keys will simulate some pad - and it certainly worked perfectly. I used it for a few sessions without any thought but then returned to my screen later. However, a month or so later back to my mabook pro, I can not exactly remember the main combinations. Now this is where it’s strange, I’ve spent over 2 hours searching online and all I can find is basically that it can not be done unless you use something called KeyRemap4MacBook does not exist anymore (it’s now called Karabiner and can not compete with numpad). The problem is I do not think I’m going crazy (I’m 49 and do not think I’m losing it) and I’ve actually done it a month ago without any software - I hit the Fn key and probably Another key and then, for example, the m key will act as 0 on a numpad to show me the camera. I’ve actually managed to use the karabiner to map my top numbers to numpad numbers by pressing the Fn key while holding them as the class change keys if pressed on myself, so I’m still okay but worried about my sanity now. So, the question is, does anyone know about a key combination that maps to 7,8,9, u, i, o, j, k, l and m keys to number pad keys just to assure me that Did not I dream that I used them in such a way just about a month ago?