simulation scripts?

I am creating a simulation based on airport inspection. I have created 2 characters, an inspection booth, and a path. I also have the characters walking down the path, pausing at the booth, then continuing on.
However, I need a script, or a way to import a .txt file, that will have the characters arrive at a certain time, move to the booth within a certain time, and leave and exit at a certain time.
Is there any way to do this, or is there a way to use the game engine? As you probably guessed, I’m new to all this, but it is imperative that I use and learn to use scripts for projects farther down the road. Any help would be much appreciated. (and the only reason I’m not using the NLA editor or the IPO curve editor is because I will need to import data without creating a whole new animation each time. The simulation program I am using is ProModel - if anyone is interested) Thanks in advance!