simulation to animation

Hi there,

I was wondering how i could convert some things done with logic bricks to an animation.
Now it only works in BGE, but i want to render the animation.

oops wrong area, sorry posting it in support now

When you run a simulation, you can watch an animated view of the process in operation. This topic describes the information represented in the animated process simulation as it runs.
In an animation, you can watch the movement of tokens from the inputs of the process and between activities in the process. A token represents a unit of work that is received by a process and transferred between different activities in the process flow. By observing a process during animation, you can see where the process is operating efficiently and where delays are occurring…

In the top menu under Game there is Save to IPO. Select this and run your simulation in the BGE. The positions of all your objects during this simulation are then recorded in the ipo editor and can be played back in the normal 3d view to render out as a nornal animation.