Simultaneous Modeling and Texturing


I was modeling when I recognized something:
Lets say you have an unwrapped plane with a texture on it. Now, if you move one side of the plane the texture gets stretched into the relative axis.
This makes sense as the plane gets a smaller surface and the texture needs to fill that space.
However, I wondered if there is a way that the texture moves simultaneously. So instead of strecthing the texture gets cropped. Is there a technique, option or plugin which allow doing so?
I hope you understood me :slight_smile:


What coordinate-system is being used as the input to the texture? I can’t quite visualize what you mean by, “gets stretched into the relative axis.” Usually, an object is UV-mapped for precisely the reason that now you have a UV-coordinate system (which won’t move) with which to map your texture.

Ok, let me explain it in pictures (its always better :D)

So that is our starting point, a plane with a texture

When we scale the plane, the texture gets stretched as the UVs keep their position

But what I could imagine, would be a simultaneous and relatively scaling/moving with vertices and UVs (could only work on planes?)


2.66 now has a warp uv modifier (watch the overview on blendercookie)
that “may” do what you want

Thanks thats not quite the thing, but very interesting indeed :slight_smile: