Since 2.46, I've never managed...

to load movies as ANYTHING (texture, background,etc) in Blender at home. It does work when I try it at school (in 2.46). Even the new 2.48, I still get the same error.

Any idea? It works in 2.45. I have a Windows 2000 Sp4 system and an old intel pentium two. But that shouldn’t matter as it works in 2.45.

It could be the path length bug.

Try placing a test image in the root of your C drive. This will allow for the shortest possible path length to the image map.

See whenever I put a background movie in the 3d viewport, it never works quite right. It always skips on frame in the entire movie no matter what. It always changes when I close the file and open it back up. Could these be related? Cause rotoscoping is really annoying when I have to animate the same thing 3 times over a couple hundred frames…

Dudebot is in Ohio too!

I’ll try this tonight then and see if it works (don’t have internet at home)
Still, if that’s the problem, isn’t it odd that it works on an older version and not the newer version?

Moving the image (the avi video) to the uh top C drive. The root I guess you called it. Didn’t help.

In comparing the files of 2.45 and 2.48, I see there’s a whole bunch of things that are different. Like the size of “avcodec-51.dll” has actually decreased from 2.45 to 2.48. And there’s several new files like “avdevice-52.dll”. Now I don’t know what this means but I have a feeling this is behind it somehow.

It’s also interesting that the command line window for 2.45 doesn’t show anything extra when I load a movie and it works just fine but 2.48 does. It fails to load the movie, and in the few seconds I have to peep at the command line window I see information about the video.

It works at school just perfectly and they use windows 2000 but XP is also installed and is the main operating system so is there some sort of windows update that I might need? Or a certain type of file?

I’ve noticed that there’s a weird black border around a post 2.45 release. you can see it in the attached image.