Since 2.59, Separate Images in VSE no longer asks for Length

I don’t know if this is a bug or change in design.

In 2.58a and before, when you pressed Y to separate images in the VSE, there was an option to set the length (in frames) of the newly separated images. This option was very useful to me, as I do a lot of timelapse photography, and I like to be able to vary the speed of the images (apart from changing the frame-rate of the output).

In the release notes for 2.59 there was mention that they fixed something to do with separating images:

“fix #28160 Pressing Y on an image sequence to seperate the images takes them out of their meta strips”

So my question: is the loss of the ability to choose the length of the separated images (a.) a bug that is an accidental byproduct of changes made between 2.58a and 2.59, (b.) a necessary limitation resulting from a greater overall improvement, or (c.) something that can now be done in a more intuitive manner, and hence is no longer necessary.

Any ideas? Workarounds?

Thank you for reading this anyhow!

Press F6 after you separate

I think the main problem here is the location of the Tweak Last panel, which is only visible in the 3dview (at the bottom of the Tool Shelf). Not everybody knows about F6, and the functionality of the Tweak Last panel is a bit lost when it’s not in the Sequence Editor

So yeah, next to F6 the Tweak Last panel in 3dview’s Tool Shelf can also be used…

Thank you Sago!

I also was wondering about that, Thanks!

I was just trying to figure that out myself. I resorted to using 2.49 then saving and reopening in the newest version.

I didn’t even know that you could specify that in the old version, what a great tip. But it could be better exposed.

It’s almost bug worthy really, as you can’t use a function that isn’t available in the window that you are using. There was something similar about Compositor node naming that I faulted recently, and it was corrected for ease of use rather than being actually wrong.

Hello! I was searching exactly for this thing so really big thanks to Sago and others.