Singing in the Shower

I did this project inspired with illustration from amazing Bob Zivkovic, a famous Serbian illustrator. I didn’t want to copy it exactly, but tried to combine his style with my own. Anyway, this project was a huge jump back in time to my childhood, when I started to learn how to draw caricatures from Bob Zivkovic illustrations, 30 years ago. Today, after all this years, on new beginning for me, as a professional 3d character artists, I’m still got a lot to learn from Bob…

This project is mainly done in Blender 2.79, 5 days of work. Compositing is done in GIMP. Many thanks to Pablo Dobarro, for his amazing work on remeshing for Blender 2.8, it works like a charm to join shapes into single form after blocking.

Link to original illustration:


That looks really cool!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank You so much, I really appreciate it.

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Thanks. I recommend to check out Bob’s illustration, he’s artwork is always funny and cool.

Hey, guess what? You’re featured!

ha ha … funny shit… and great work!

Hahah its really nice.

What is the link to the inspiration image, i want to see the comparison :slight_smile:

Hurray, cool.

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Thanks. Here is a link to original illustration:

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OMG I LOVE IT the way you interpreted this is so perfect do you have Instagram or artstation?

Thank You very much. :blush:

Links for my Artstation and Instagram profiles:

You nailed it :slight_smile:

Yesterday Blendernation published an article how was this character made. You can read it here:

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looks great,keep up the good work.

Thank You so much.

Мery fanny and high-quality work)

Thank You.