Singing Mythbusters

I took a break from the Mythbusters spoof project and used the Jamie and Adam models for a little Holiday clip. It was mostly for lip sync practice, but there’s no reason it can’t also spread a little cheer (I hope).
I’m happy with the lip sync, but the other movements were added quickly and aren’t very good. Adam looks a bit like he’s moving through molasses and poor Jamie needs either a lot more or a lot less medication <grin>.

Whichever winter holiday you celebrate, Winter Soltice, Christmas, Boxing Day, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Rohatsu, have a happy one.

Cool video and good lip syncing

Great video!!! i’d never came up with this idea! singing mythbusters! who could imagine? The thing i like the most were that the characters really do look like real Adam, and real Jamie hahahaha that was fun and nice!!! thank for showing us that… you should send this animation to them… maybe they program it in their show!!!

coolness. good job, I like the models. They would be fun to see in some karazy pixar-type poses too.

happy holidays.

I liked it, but where are the stupid antics typical of Adam and Jamie?

Ha, nicely done! Love the snow falling in the background.


Thanks for the kind replies. I supposed I should email the youtube link to the Mythbusters. Who knows, it might even make Jamie smile.
Look for more Jamie and Adam animation in the future as I practice the pose to pose info on Keith Lango’s site.

I loved the singing MythBuster video. I played it many times. Very Cool! They really look like Jaime and Adam. You know, you could actually make a whole series of short cartoons with these guys.

Who knows you might even end up on the Mythbusters show intro one day, either that or they will sue your ass.:smiley:

ozo: Thanks! Fortunately the guys have very distinctive looks.

I emailed a link to the youtube video to Jamie and Adam, but haven’t gotten a reply.

Discovery Channel asked for spoof submissions and I do this as a hobby, not for profit; I’m hoping that covers my ass. If not, I’m confident they’ll let me know <grin>.