Single hotkey to set vertice to X = 0

Hi guys, as the title suggest, I work with the mirror modifier a lot and I would like to speed up the process of putting verts to X = 0.

I know all the usual ways of doing it but they take 2 or 3 steps, I’d like to just hit a hotkey for this, any ideas?

(if the 3d cursor is not at 0,0,0 then first Shift-s - Cursor to Center )
Shift-s - Selection to Cursor

Even simpler, activate the Clipping. Everything that you push toward a plane of symmetry will be flattened onto it and stick to it. Once a vertex is at the middle, you can’t move it away any more but you can still move it in all other directions.

No need to worry about the 3D cursor, you can use any pivot you want… And you don’t need a hotkey.

Ask in Python support section, those gurus can make that script in no time.

Sorry guys, I completely forgot that I posted this question. Thank you very much for the help. I think Kaluura’s solution is fantastic here, Clipping! I’m going to have that on most of the time now, thanks!