Sintel Logo


I just wanted to post a quick thread to say that the Sintel Logo that was chosen looks very much like the logo used to depict The White Tree of Gondor.

Any thoughts?!

Several of us pointed that out when the logo was revealed, but I don’t think there was an official reaction. Some users disagreed, but personally, though I really like it, it’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it on the submission page.

As long as the Tolkein’s dont mind, then :wink:

Cannot wait for the short, the trailer was really impressive, such a small team in a few months!


it’s a tree. it’s like a million other things.

So is an Apple with a bite out of it… as is a silhouette of a bottle… as are a number of other icons that also happen to be trademarks!

Please make your comments valid, a comment with no validilty is mute.

Its a dragon tree from the place where I think Ton took a vacation the where photos of it posted when he came back (I am sorry if am wrong on this)