Sintel prem is today!

Who’s excited?
Who’s going there?
Post your opinions about the movie here :slight_smile:

With the higher res it’ll probably even more awesome then back in august :slight_smile: Would have liked to attent but with uni and stuff, didn’t really worked out.
3 more days for online release :open_mouth:

the question is, should I see the online release or wait for the dvd , hum :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the difference? The movie is the same in the online release and the DVD.

it’s just the cozy factor. I was thinking of watching it with my sister and her boyfriend on their huge ass TV /I have no TV; nor do I want one/. well I’ll see. I think i’m to curious!

but I’ll show it to my sisters boyfriend anyways, he’s a 3d teacher teaching maya. and tell him this can be achieved in blender ;D

Just a little over 3 hours to go. Feeling nervous guys?

I’m 3 days until excited!

Elephant’s Dream brought me to Blender (and it was one totally hermetic movie). I think that Sintel (being more mainstream) will bring a lot of interest to Blender. Good luck!

Totally agreed, heck these days I’m still amazed they squeezed BBB out of 2.49. Sintel will bring a lot of attention to Blender, no doubt about it.

BBB was done with 2.45 or .47 I think.

Qhat does hermetic mean? Google says ‘airtight’. There can’t be an airtight movie, right?

2.45 & 2.46 > BBB
2.47 & 2.48 > Yo Franky!

if I recall correct, yes. :slight_smile:

someone whose ‘hermetic’ or ‘airtight’ - as in, no ‘outside’ contact,
eg. a crazy old hermetic man/monk/whatever living alone in the mountains somewhere. :confused:

I read a lot of negativity about the former open movie projects and often asked myself
if those who criticized the work understand the time and recourses only available for Ton’s team.

Even when sadly the render branch will bite the dust Sintel shows not only terrific motion
animation but from the pictures I saw sofar very good lighting and color designs.

I think not without a reason would Ton say it will be epic.

Sure there will be some we could have done this and that better. You always can. Final Fantasy
had also many flaws. But it was a mile stone for the CG film and I think Sintel is even more a serious
mile stone for Blender then the previous projects have been.

It is impressive to see how Blender matured sofar.

I am very curious about Ton’s next project since he mentioned FX and materials/rendering.
Since Blender 2.5 has now I assume quite decent animation abilities the render part now
really needs some focus.

OMG :smiley:

This is funny. For a few seconds i got fooled.

hahah that was too funny

Omg Sintel is gonna be 10 feet tall!

Nobody else in the CG industry seems to realise that the BF films are made with small teams and small budgets. “How to train your Dragon” looks amazing in comparison to Sintel, but then again, it had a multi-million dollar budget and a small army of techs and artists to slave away on each frame for about 3 years. Sintel is made by a small group of people locked in an office in Amsterdam for a few months. If you look at it on that basis, then it becomes apparent that Sintel is the more impressive technical achievement! :smiley:

:confused: Sad to say… But too many confound the popcorn they buy to eat, with the film they go watching… Many absolutely don’t have any consideration for the done job. They wan’t to consume something… period. :frowning:

I am pretty sure as Ton sad this movie will be epic!

At least, by having watched the trailer… it looks like a pretty good quality film! Looking forward watching the whole peace!!! :yes:

I’ll try to hold out watching crappy youtube or vimeo videos and wait till the DVDs get delivered…
Has anyone seen a high level target date for DVD delivery?? (now that SIntel is out and is going to be freely available to all, I want those 4 shiny disks more than ever!)