Sintel Stitches Choreography

Finished with the Sintel Stiches musical animation. was an interesting project. the Work in progress is on my channels videos. like share and subscribe Xo

Download Link : >> WEBPAGE!exp/eqlv9 GOOGLE PLUS:

great work all in all. one thing to mention: i cannot tell, which frames it happen but in some movements it seems that her gravitypoint (gravitational point?) is too far away from the middle of her feet. it more like a feeling that asks " shouldn´t she fall, when she moves like this?"

Is this MoCap or Keyed? I’d say MoCap, but as S-Markt said some moves look dangerously dueling with the laws of gravity.

Thanks. and I know theres some polishing that may be required. will probly do it on the next animation :smiley:

Not really. :P. its all raw animation. wish I could afford the mocap equip. but its all animation. from frame 0 to frame 570. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I’ve read somewhere that you can import Mocap files and that you can find free ones online… Maybe worth checking out, but now I know it’s animated, it feels more impressive.

Mm did experiment with them a bit. but not easy getting the kinda animation I want :). And yep traditional key-frame animation is okay ATM :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there,
this is or was a really really ambitious project you got here! First of all i really like it that you tried to go this really really hard hard and difficult road of animation. But welcome to the journey, stay tuned, relaxed, freakout sometimes but stick to it and then you’ll have some smooth water in front of you, hehe. =)

Unfortunately i see a couple of problems here. But as i said. Relax :wink:

  1. Principles. Make sure you read about the 12 animation principles that you need to know when animating. Check out this video:

Overall i think you went way too far with this project (only talking about animation). I assume that you’re in a beginning stage of learning animation and i would suggest that you try to concentrate on a lot, really a LOT LOT simpler scenes that you animate. Start off with a classic bouncing ball, do pendulums, tiny little scenes like a headmovement, a weightshift, a specific anim where a hand grabs something (well probably this one isn’t really basic anymore ;)),do thumbnails, do references on your own or try to find some references online. But keep it simple stupid in the beginning. Also known as KISS.

Checkout this:

There is a complete lists of animationexercises that you could start with :slight_smile: If you’re still brave and still want to try your best on a characterdance like this, maybe try to shorten this scene. Look what’s your favorite part of this dance and try to cut it down to maybe 3 or 4 seconds that you really try to push and maybe get to a stage of polishing.
Oh btw. if you really want to have a good in depth feedback on your animation it’s always a good idea to offer the video as a quicktime movie somewhere to download so that you can go through it frame by frame if you want.

  1. Weight.
    Unfortunately there’s no real sense of weight in this animation. Most of the time Sintel is floating around like a hoverboard. Try to really show weight in your animation, make sure your character is always in balance and the feet aren’t moving while the wholebodyweight is on it. That’s just not possible.

  2. Poses.
    Check your poses again (if you decide to come back to your animation later on at all :wink: ). Make them as clear as possible. Try to have a good readable sillhouette - especially during fast movements so that the viewer can see what’s going on. Okay, just watched it again and maybe those poses are quite clear, but still try to really push them as far as possible. Checkout your line of action during your poses. Check if those are cluddered or really clear. :slight_smile:

  3. Right now it feels a little bit as if you blocked out your entirescene with stepped tangents and put it to spline afterwards. Make sure you really blockout quite far so that every movement is defined. Is the hip leading or maybe the head or the shoulder or the hand during a movement? Where is your weight? When does the foot lift of? Why is the foot moving? Does it touch the ground toe or heel first? You need to ask yourself a lot of questions during animating :wink: Sometimes it helps if you’re trying to do the movement at least with your feet underneath your desk, hidden, so that nobody can see it :slight_smile:

I’d love to know how you went with this project. How did you start on it? How was your animationprocess?

I hope that this makes some sense overall and please don’T feel discouraged at all - i really appreciate the hard work you already spent on this project and would love to see it becoming even better! Animation is super hard, but is also really exciting at the same time! You can even study it when your chilling in a cafe or wherever you want by “simply” observing other people through your sunglasses. Just like a spy! =) I don’t know if you’re much into drawing and stuff but i’d say that it would definitely help if you’re capable of being able to draw stickfigures to plan your animations :slight_smile: That’s the part that i also do struggle with. Well i do struggle with animation myself as well, but yeah that’s another story^^

So i hope this helps a little bit and you let us know when you do a new animation :slight_smile:

P.S.: Ah forgot about this one. HAVE FUN! =)

@ Polygonjunkd I am not the OP, but thanks for the links! I had some idea of them before, but the vimeo illusion of life is awesome. I am trying to do something different from what I have been doing all my life (industry… I’m an engineer :() I have 2 finished animations, hope you can critique them.

Hi I get what you mean. took me a while read through all the detail but thanks though :). this was a bit of a tricky animation i must admit. so much pollisihng needed. but made it as a practice and progress animation. Im impressed you could get all that detail from that simple animation :). and I know all about the basics. done that andwalked over. and if yu look at the animations ive made b4. , you can see I can do subtle animations trying to be better at more fast movements and action posess

on my channels they show how i learn from adv like that, thanks man :P. really appropriated :smiley: :smiley: