Sintel The Game

Hey, be sure to bake in the non-dynamic affects for non-glsl. Specifically, environment shadows, from buildings and such.


Will you still use baked lighting for the non-glsl mode?

Game looks amazing so far!

(edit) Haha… what he said ^

The game looks good, but how are you going to do the big city scene?

@mtracer and dmills: If I remember how, I will be baking the lighting for the ground :slight_smile:

@Inferno: Are you referring to the city from the movie trailer? Our game takes place in a different city, Garway, which is a smaller, market oriented town. :slight_smile: The city from the movie, Ishtar, will not be making an appearance in the game.

Oh, so is this game about Sintel?

wow great!, thanks all of you for your effort, since working on Yo Frankie! I have empathy on those braves who commit on creating videogames, specially with BGE!

best of luck for you guys, looking forward for it!

You might want to check with the Blender Foundation that they are okay with you using their trademark (Sintel) as your game name.

Creative Commons doesn’t transfer trademark rights.

How about changing it just a little? lets call it intel… oh wait

Hey, great work man! You should add some SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion). Martinsh made a filter . It’s really easy to implement. I sadly have no image to show you, but I experimented with it and it’s pretty easy.

Fantastic work Johnyman. This game is absolutely beautiful. 5 stars.

Sounds great, I look forward to seeing more.

ah nice to see the team up and running guys :slight_smile: looking good

i had to rofl

It looks fantastic! Could someone please explain this GLSL thing more, or give a link to a tutorial for it? Also, as far as the main menu and stuff goes (I’m not trying to be harsh or anything like that), just keep in mind that the logo for the film is different from the one you have in the game. But that’s probably intentional. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see more of this soon!

You know they haven’t posted anything in a few days, I kinda have doubts as to whether they are going to finish this game, they haven’t really said much to the fans in a while, I think it may have gone cold, if not thats great, but I don’t think its going anywhere.

It’s only been ten days since the last post, which isn’t even two weeks. Give them a bit of time. :wink:

Yeah he just told me that they are still working on the game, so I guess you should all keep your hopes up.

Yeh I wouldnt be so quick to shoot it down, from what Ive seen and read so far these guys know what their doing and are going about it the right way.

I prefer it when people dont post images every time they manage to model a new object etc, larger updates spaced apart (yes, even by weeks) is the way to go.

If you go on the facebook page theres always conversations going on anyways.

This could be the second Open Game. The Blender Fundation could give better conditions to reach a professional quality game.
Making a Open Movie and a Open Game simultaneously is very productive (using the same objects, etc…) .

germano: Ton has disagreed to two Open projects at once…he only wants one per year he said.