I wanted to show you al my site. My bro helped me making it but the art is from me;) Now i would like to have some comments on all. Much apreciated


Very good! I especially like the wooglie! (whatever that may be!). In terms of things to change, ther’s not much - it’s overall very good.
However, just a misspell on the front page - enthusiastic. :wink:
Also, when the pop-up wndows open for the syrnia and transcendent galleries, there are no scroll bars (I’m using Firefox, if that helps). You can still see the stuff further down by pressing the down cursor, but some people may not know that shortcut!

I quite like the website actually. What could be thought of for coming projects or updates of this one, is that while the banners are quite well done (I especially like this one ) they are far more complex than the rest of the layout. Which, in my opinion, makes it all look kinda off. Adding some borders around the banner might help, since then it’s easier to distignuish the banner from the rest of the website.

Nevertheless, great job! (Both of you! ^^)


Im using firefox too Xarton and I have the same problem. I don’t really know how to fix it neither does my bro. borders around banners are added thanks for you comments!