Size check in Blender


I’ve been modeling a mesh in blender. I’m planning on printing my mesh in 3d through Shapeways.

I’ve fixed most issues such as manifoldness,etc. I now have to make sure that it’s within Shapeways’ size restriction.

How do I check the size in blender – thus resize my mesh (I’m not looking for the scaling tool)?

I just need to look the actual units it’s using — e.g 2 units x 1 unit x 3 units

I’m aware that Shapeways let’s you decide whether your units are mm, cm, etc. I’m not sure whether this makes sense, If there is some confusion --please let me know.



Apply scale to object Ctrl-A and look on N-panel Dimensions.

What’s that?

I asumme you mean this

Scale & dimensions

Units are in scene properties in the properties editor.

For these to be correct, you need to make sure the object scale is 1 first (in object mode).
In edit mode you could enable edge length display that are in the properties panel (arrow).
If you have a gap and want to know distance from corner to another, you could make a temporary edge like shown in the pic. Sadly, sometimes it’s hard to see edge lengths because the font is small and there’s no way to change it, but you can change the color from the user preferences -> themes. Color setting for edge length is shown in the image, second color in the first row.