size of spotlight beam and other things....

can i change the the size of the beam.(like when you add a spot light it shows that pink circle that signifies where the light will go, can i make that smaller so it is more of a concentrated beam…Thank you for your time

also i was looking at a tutorial to add more then one material to a object and it says to select the verticies that you want and hit f9 under then link and materials menu. well i did that and nothinghappened. any suggestions

These questions are all answered in the manual, link on the homepage or in my sig.

In the lamp edit buttons, Shadow and Spot tab, top slider is for Spotsize.

In edit mode select the verts of the new material and in the Link and Materials tab below the X Mat X button select New and then Assign and then in material buttons in the Materials block click on the number to make it single user.