I hope you like

Quite nice, but too clean for my taste.
The board should show some heavy wear, on the tires and the deck, and the floor could need some dirt as well, along with bumps for ground and wall.

I think that´s one of the little scenes taken from life you can achive a level of photorealism where people have to look for minutes just to remain uncertain if it´s CG or a photograph.

thanks for comment, this was one of my first projects in the blender I do not really have much sense of detail but I intend to upgrade

For one of the first projectes this has plenty detail. What you need is the eye for the natural imperfection - which is arguable to be detail as well though =)

But I think you get my drift.

I was a skateboarder for 10 years, so this appeals to me.

I was also skater, thanks for comment fayt

it’s great but the concave is nonexistant you should make it steeper,although this is mainly a preference with boards i have