hello everybody,

her is a skateboard that i have made, but cheak out the other ones and tell me what you think…just click the link and then the picture you whant to see

My work is never done…so if you like feel free to give me suggestions

oh, and if possible send me an instant message at [email protected] for MSN messanger…I like live chat…better for asking Q’s to.


Some pretty decent work!
A couple of suggestions:

  • Smooth the wheels on the skateboard (Set Smooth)
  • Put a slight bevel on the buttons of the TI81 for a more realistic look

thanx you i’ll do that :slight_smile:


nice deck on the skateboard. they all look good, keep it coming

What About the Paintballgun??? i thingk it turned out good :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


The 81
The plastic is not that smooth. Some work with Bump maps (try stucci) would really improve the realism. Also, there should be some hand grips along the sides on the bottom.

The Paintball Gun
Good model. Too shiny.

Getting better with the materials. Aren’t there usually bolts or screws on the top of the skateboard that hold down the trucks (that is what they are called, right?)?

  • Note on Noise textures: they are completely random so your floor will look really strange when animated.

the trucks could use some smoothing and that metallic look…

i wish my deck still looked like that :smiley: