Skeleton Pirate

Hey all! Hope everyone’s having a great easter!

I decided to enter into the mixamo 2012 modelling contest, even though i don’t have much of a chance :P.

I settled on making a female skeleton/cyborg pirate. The modelling is pretty much done, now i just have to texture and rig the thing.

I found out that NURBS save you from the awful death of going over the polly limit :smiley:

Super creative! Keep going.

nice, seriously !

Thanks guys!

@Mixamo, it’s nice to see the company hosting the contest give feedback. You guys rock btw. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finished the rig for the pirate. Let me knw what you think! :smiley:

That’s some really good work. Definetly some out of the box thinking in the design(positive). Reminds me of Tim Burton. As for the modelling, it is very solid given the art style. Don’t get discouraged if you see something more realistic or detailed. You’re approach seems to be a more simple, cartoony style and you have a really solid model for that purpose. Just compliment it with some really solid textures and you should be fine. However, per the “fear” question, I don’t scare easily :slight_smile: I won’t lie it would be very cool to win, but this is a situation where I get something out of it regardless. Personally it is a chance to work towards a deadline, something I definetly need work on. Almost a mock work scenario, if you know what I mean, as it is a goal of mine to become a freelance artist.

Looks really nice! Not entirely convinced by her right arm - could do with a little more detail, or shape, but really like the cords/wires/sinew. Look forward to seeing it textured up!

Do all pirates really need a hook arm and a wooden leg?

It’s like there is a whale out hunting for legs arms and eyes.

I wanted to go for cartoony, as there’s a relatively low poly limit. The right arm i’m not happy about either. I’m going to texture that first and see how it looks. Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile:

I finished the texturing on the clothes. And i figured out how to make tattered clothes with the alpha maps in cycles. Let me know what you think!

I finished him. 3 hours before the deadline
I’m not entirely satisfied with it. But oh well.