Skeleton Problems

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Hi All,
I recently got the MakeHuman Script, and i am attempting to give it a skeleton. I am following the skeleton tutorial from my Blender Book by Carsten Wartman and i am trying to parent the foot empty with the leg armature. It doesnt as for effector as child. This is a problem later on when i have to say yes to the question. Help?


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that tutorial was made for the old IKA, not Armatures. Try looking at the blenderchar website for more up to date tuts on armature.


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Answer is Don’t use empties.

Perfect Foot as follows:


Legbone_Null: Connected(not just parented) to the last leg bone, very short bone. You can select the knob at the end of the leg and extrude.

IK_Legbone: Put cursor to the base of the Legbone_Null(where the last leg bone and the Legbone_Null meet) and add this bone. Should be semi-long and sticking out the back of the foot so you can grab it when animating.

Foot_Bone: Start this one at the Legbone Null base and go to the base of the toes, and make 2 bones, the second one at the end short and called Toe_Null. Toe_Null must be connected(not just parented) to it. Just make the Null go sideways and out of the way.

Toe_Null: Read above.

Toe_Bone: Start this at the base of the Toe_Null(where Toe_Null and Foot_Bone meet) and extend it to the tips of the toes.

IK_Toe: Start this at the base of the Toe_Null(again) and run it straight up, make it as long as the Toe_Bone.

IK_Foot: Start this in the heel and go about into the arch of the foot with it. Should be roughly the same length as the Foot_Bone.


Make the IK_Legbone a child of IK_Foot.
Make the IK_Toe a child of the IK_Foot.
The Foot_Bone has no parent.
The IK_Foot has no parent.
The Toe_Bone has no parent.
Both Null’s are children of the bone’s they’re stuck to.


Toe_Bone : Copy location, OB - Armature(this same on all these constraints), BO - IK_Toe
Toe_Null: IK Solver, BO - IK_Toe
Foot_Bone: Copy Location, BO - Legbone_Null
Legbone_Null: IK Solver, BO - IK_Legbone

If you’ve never done constraint’s before, Select the armature, hit the smiley face or Cntrl+Tab. Go to the Constraints window, (Chain link icon)

Press add, then in the top left of the box is a drop down menu to select IK Solver and Copy Location and other stuff.


I assume you know how to connect mesh to the bones, only the Foot_Bone and the Toe_Bone should have any mesh attached to them.


Just grab the IK’s and go for it, in Pose mode.

Hope this helps!

Edit: Guess I should say that I learned this from looking at Blendo and folowwing this tute:

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thanks ! :smiley:

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what do you suppose would be the best approach to giving her color?