Skeleton Re-rigging Necessary? Link Fixed!

I am animating the Bikram yoga series and have a problem. A preliminary movie reveals much erratic motion and stuttering of my model.

I spend much time keying through the motion and correcting keyframes until my fingers tire. It seems a better route is to correct the foundation of the animation, i.e. the skeletion. Once a proper skeleton is rigged, I think many of the motion problems will disappear.

But I’m always seeking expert advice. How many people here have reached a position after modelling and then beginning an animation, that excessive keyframing/editing actually points to a more basic problem – rigging.

I have used the human mesh from the MakeHuman project with my own rigging (as crude as it is). Can anyone tell me where I can find an earlier version of the MakeHuman project that includes rigging? After MakeHuman releases a version of their project with rigging I will likely switch.

Thanks, Bob