Sketch based 3d softwares?

Theoretically, you could soon draw a side view of a chair or a house and get a 3D model courtesy of some exhaustive machine-learning based neural algorithm, but I doubt it will literally read your mind as opposed to just giving you a base to work off of.

Manual modeling and sculpting won’t become obsolete until the DCC app. can literally extract the images you form in your subconscious, as you try to visualize your idea before using a tool.

I was talking about VR sculpting.

There’s an app. known as Oculus Medium for the Oculus Rift. If you have the headset, you can download it and try for yourself.

I don’t, actually. So - are these going to obsolete trad modelling?

Not yet, the biggest issue right now is precision. You need a lot of precision and the ability to do really precise and stable tracking to do any kind of hard-surface modeling (think the same level of precision and responsiveness as people got with the Nintendo Wiimote).

The other challenge is getting the technology to where you can stay inside your scene for a significant period of time without feeling sick (as the issue will just get worse once you get older).

The frustrating thing about this is there is A LOT of whitepapers about these over the years all of which have shown very promising results…and then…nothing happens…it was as though…those are fake PHD papers that they “faked” to get their certificates…

I would say no. It’s a complementary workflow. You can have more immersion and quickly come up with interesting shapes in VR, but for precision you still need the “traditional” workflow.

Neobarok do all this and beyond

I am a little confused by that statement:

In my video, I drew an outline of a head and a head pops out - Show me Neobarok doing that without doing other stunts or excessive button pressing.

Also in my video, I drew a line and a 2D lattice appear that allow me to shape the outlines, I can add and remove points by just right click on the points to remove or click to add - Show me Neobarok doing that without doing other stunts or excessive button pressing.

I’m referring about the sketch curve tool in neobarok and what is That software you’re talking about in the video.

The name is right there in the video, you could go to 7:34 and see the title of the program right in the title bar.

Ok, I see the whole vide I have use this app but is no longer develop there are some software in the net base on this paper by students

I hope so…this program is so intuitive, it allows you to draw like a 2D artist and edit like a 2D artist.

Here are some similar app like teddy

Grease pencil can benefit from those research