Sketch based 3d softwares?

What are the obscure sketch based 3d model generative programs ?

There is Teddy [Java program]
EasyToy [The BEST but no longer actively worked on since windowsXP era]
Curvy 3D

Any sketch based program out there beyond those fake white papers with so many promises but delivered absolutely nothing ?


Paint 3D (seriously, MS Paint does this now).

If you use Windows 10, it should already be on your machine

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Oh…totally forgotten about that ! ha ha ha

Still rocking windows 7 here.

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The only other software I can think of that comes close is Sketchup, but it’s nice quite to where you draw shapes and out pops a model, and I think the software is now abandoned.

I wish Microsoft would develop their apps more seriously.
They have a nice foundation but then details are missing.

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I remember “archipelis designer” which is a paid application existing for several years now.

There is also “smoothie-3d” which is a free online equivalent application of “archipelis designer”.

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You might check out Curvy3D

And for Blender the addon “QuickDraw” of “QuickTools bundle” developed by @alksndr using grease pencil strokes looks promising and on the right track. A new version seems to be coming soon.

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My guess is they don’t want a situation where the maker of the OS is trying to compete with their friends providing high-end solutions for the ecosystem. Having Paint be on par with Maya or Photoshop (in anything) or even coming close in anything would create way too much value and cause many to lose revenue.

Maye - but they dont have to go to such extreme pro levels

think about all the consuemr apps apple released back in the day
they really set people free

microsoft could do the same also for consumer 3d

That is really one of the most annoyingly edited videos I’ve seen in quite a while.

Still, taking a quick look at 3D Paint.

Dust 3d has something like this.


I have to confess I have no idea what a “sketch based 3d model generative program” is - what is it??

As the name suggests, you draw like a pen, but get a 3D shape. Teddy was one of the first of its kind, but I think the next version of quick tools will top all.

I picked that video because Youtube had next to nothing that showed much of Paint 3D’s sketch tool (without throwing in a ton of other things).

I tried looking at the manual but still…

Somehow I have a feeling that if I understand Dust3D, my base modeling skill will be up over 9000, but at this point…I just don’t understand it…

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I am really REALLY looking forward to this tool…

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Medium, Quill and the Gravity something sometihng come to mind from VR. Medium is very fun and quick to do interesting shapes in. Of course recently there’s also Dreams that looks great, can’t wait to try it.

Did you watch the author’s YouTube channel. The sketching function is relatively new. Its base is similar to the skin modifier in blender but for absolute base meshes the Dust3d workflow is faster. You just have to know when to switch to blender then it has a real added value. Especially as a starting point for sculpting, the topology is not useful for animating.

I have seriously wondered this before - aren’t those going to obsolete normal modelling? Like, except archviz and tables and chairs and stuff?? Anyone got a clear notion?