Sketch type of rendering. [SOLVED]

I need to render one image so that it looks like a sketch, i have tried to use freestyle , but is so dificult to install that i couldnt do it.

Do you know any other way to make a sketch type of rendering ?

something like this or this

and i think this method is not what :

my imge is this

I know!! Print it out, put thin paper over it and roughly copy the edges with your pencil!

AFAIK, the integrated Freestyle branch cannot yet do textured brushes or any of the “sketchy” style renders. We’ll have to wait a bit longer on that. And the original Freestyle was certainly a bit unwieldy on meshes that come out of Blender.

The style of rendering that you’re looking for is called “non-photorealistic rendering”, or NPR, and there’s quite a lot of research going on in that field right now. Do an internet search for that term and you’ll see what I mean.

Woit, I always thought freestyle rendering was just a useless build which only renders what you have selected. I didn’t see any use for this, and I didn’t know It was supposed to do sketchy stuff…

That’s what you get for not doing your research. :stuck_out_tongue:

This probably isn’t what you are looking for, but you can also make all your materials wire, and shadeless to get that effect.

what about toon shading and tutorials referring to it and the sin city material at ? Of course you´ll have to tweek these methods very hard, but all in all i think these are good starting points…

(Sorry, I just realized your first post links to a secondary link to these methods. Anyway, I’ll leave these links for anyone else searching.)

Look at viralata’s methods and adapt them for the look you want:

again, one approach is to make all the materials wire, and if you don’t want the ability to see thru to the other side of an object, make a smaller version (by very little like 0.01) inside it with alpha texture completely on so that it is sky color and other objects don’t show behind it.

~that is how I’d fake it at least, Istvan.

Don’t understand why a new thread got started here, without any response to your previous thread on this forum. HERE?? Poor forum protocol. Freestyle can do the simpler renders that you seem to be asking for, currently works on two(2) platforms and I put a complete package up for everyone with the thin black line render you want on the first thread on Freestyle HERE rather than spread out to more threads, and robi just posted a build for MacOsX Tiger 10.4.11. The package I posted even has the Nodes already setup with two layers of Render and the Parameter Editor Window enabled. Short of doing it for you, a lot of people have been reaching out. Are you waiting for “MakeGreatArtForMeButton,” in Blender 2.5?? :smiley:

Another way to get some sketch-like render is to import your model into Sketchup and choose the style that best suites your needs.

Click here: Google Sketchup

Should you need tutorials or models, search YouTube for Sketchup videos and the Sketchup 3D Warehouse for models.

Advice: check the licenses to know if you should or not use Sketchup for profit works.

wich format does it accepts?

Hey guys, i finally got a solution,

I trace the draw in inkscape, and then add it a pattern along path with a brush or non uniform line, so the lines have that shape.

here’s the result: