sketchbook and colors (2007-08-12)

Beware - some NUDITY below! :slight_smile:

Dug up my old sketches the other day and spent a few hours scanning them onto my HDD. Soooo, I decided it would be fun to post them here and get comments. I even dabbled a bit in photoshop to add color to some (not finished by far!) I will add to these in time…
So without further ado, her are a few (hey! that rhymed:-)
Shot at 2007-08-18

Kinda porno :smiley:

Looks “sexy”

Well, I didnt have a girlfriend back then :wink: Here’s a somewhat more varied selection.

A hot detective chick:-P

A studie of my math teacher :slight_smile:

Norah Jones

Badass bodyguard type


Cool Work! Nice soft shading . . .