Sketchbook of Ape

Edit 2016-01-20: I´ve made a lot of progress and din´t think the sketches in the first post represented what I can do, so I changed to my latest art instead.


The project I´m working on I call Pantheon 12 and will be an animated series of shorts about a group of teenagers with superpowers. Not the most original idea, but I think I have a good story and it´s all for fun and practice anyway :slight_smile:

It started with a doodle in february, and since then I have written about 30 pages of manuscript and ideas :slight_smile: Haven´t been this motivated to create in years!

More shall come !

Nice sketches BrilliantApe, looking forward to seeing how your project progresses :slight_smile:

Thanks, Artloader. Unfortunately I got sick after my first post and haven´t been able to work on anything. Really kills your creativity… getting better though, so hopefully this weekend I´ll have something more to show…

haven´t been very creative, but got an idea today I liked. One of the members of the team is a technology wizard making all kinds of crazy robot and mech designs, so here´s my first attempt at mech design. Please remember this is just a quick doodle and not representative of the final thing:P Idea is that when mech stands up on two legs, drivers seat moves by gyro to adjust angle.


I call her Razr :slight_smile:

Nice design … would like to see those lines cleaned up though.

Hah, yeah, I know what you mean :stuck_out_tongue: It was really just a rough doodle at work between calls :slight_smile: Trying to work on rough designs and then clean them up for transfer to 3D. Thanks for your comment! More coming up :slight_smile:

Trying to get back to being creative! Started playing around with Krita. These are meant to be rough sketches, mind, but I do hope they convey some emotion :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably should buy myself a scanner :stuck_out_tongue: But camera worked fine to transfer my layout sketch (which I´m fairly pleased with:) to the PC. This is the guide I will use to paint my first concept art for Pantheon 12 in Krita this weekend.Let the hard work begin! :stuck_out_tongue:
update: started refining with a bluepen, changing things aroung for a more pleasing layout (in my opinion). Put together a very quick logo, I like it :slight_smile: The story takes place in a high school/college environment, so font seems fitting. Will work on lines today, and start coloring in tomorrow.

Looking good mate - love the line sketches and looking forward to seeing what you produce :).

Thanks, man! I´m the slowest ever, but I think I have something good going on here :slight_smile:

Update: started doing the lineart today. Not much but getting there. I thought I´d finish this weekend, but obviously it´s gonna take me a couple of days more :stuck_out_tongue: Byw, I LOVE David Revoy´s move tool for Krita! :smiley:

update 2016-01-18: You could claim that robot hand doesn´t look cool, but you´d be living in a world of denial ;D This is going slower than I thought, mainly because I keep changing things, but just because I want this to be as awesome as it can be! :slight_smile:

Looking good my friend. So you took a photo of a hand sketch and now you’re putting in the lines with Krita? Interesting workflow dude.

Well, it works :slight_smile:

Details far from finished but wanted to see what colors would add, so I through together some quick costumes, and colored them (very roughly). This is not what the final design will look like! :stuck_out_tongue: Just playing around, look a bit 80s to me, lol. Guess you are a product of the times you grew up in :smiley: Anyway, just an idea to work on…

Took a break from the other painting and started sketching a lineup style scene, will contain all 12 heroes, to establish proportions and height differences better. Good practice :slight_smile: