Sketchbook pro?

I need a good program for painting concept art, brainstorming ideas, and maybe painting cartoony uv’s. I’ve been using the express version of Sketchbook but it has a layer limit and fewer tools then the Pro version. Not sure if its a good waste of money to buy Sketchbook. I can get the older box version Sketchbook Pro 6 for $25.

I’ve been wondering the same myself. Anyone out there using the Pro version? If so, is there much of a usability difference between it and say Photoshop?

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What operating system are you using? If you’re interested in open source options, MyPaint or Krita may fit the bill for you.

I’m floored by how awesome Krita is. I doubt I will ever use Sketchbook again. I’m even considering it as a replacement for Photoshop (in time, Krita still has some maturing to do).

Krita is available for all operating systems (the mac version is alpha at the moment, but still very useable) and it’s open source. Give it a try!

I think it would be better to spend the money into the Muses DVD which teaches Krita

for UV texturing Krita can also be used;
usage of Krita in combination with Blender;

Krita also works with other 3D programs like 3DCoat;

Great stuff! As always, ask and you shall receive! Thanks a lot!!

Does Krita mimic realistic brush strokes? Does it work well with most tablets?

I can´t tell much yet about Kritas Brushsystem, maybe someone else with more knowledge can tell something -
for realistic with a fluid sim combined brush strokes, Verve could be an interesting option
albeit not directly useful for 3d stuff … -yet? it is still a fresh application…

what graphics tablet have you in mind besides Wacom tablets which are the most common ones in usage?

I know of other sometimes recommended graphic tablet makers like Bosto and Hanvon but don´t know much about them.

Yiynova support recently got added according to the kickstarter which was done to accelerate the development furhter of Krita.

Wow! That Verve Painter looks amazing! From what I could tell in the demos, it looks like it would be great for doing custom texture work among other things.

Krita is a nice program but it seems a bit cluttered for pure painting. Would be awesome if Krita was a complete image manipulation program like Gimp.

This is an impressive speedpaint:

Demos of SketchBookPro drawing software show how digital artists at all levels can easily create designs. Familiar illustration tools and brush types, plus support for many drawing tablets, provide an intuitive experience. SketchBook Pro for Enterprise is especially powerful for concept design and iteration, image composition, and graphic communication.