Sketches: Wacom + GIMP

Couple of sketches done with the Gimp:

Proportions are a bit off in a few places.

Comments and crits welcome


wow this is awsome.

i love it . i look so cool

you have a stylus, right?

CORknOT: Cheers mate!

ObiDean: Wacom Graphire 3 A6 tablet. Definitely would recommend it.


New one, quicker than the other two - took 1/2 an hour.

With the rain and drearyness at the moment this captured my sentiments so I decided to make it a wallpaper:



his back arm should be thinner in the forearm to reflect the foreshortening.

other than that its pretty sweet.


very nice

i use a graphire 4 6 x 8 inches and love it :wink:

too bad i cant get gimp to work on my mac though

but very nice work!! keep it up

Good shading and style. It’s true what Alltaken says, the guy’s forearm should be thinner for a better sense of depth.