Sketchfab Material Editor

Hello everyone,

We have been working on a material editor for a while and are very excited to release it today.

This brand new feature has multi-material support for diffuse, normal, specular maps and many more. With this tool you can now fine-tune the materials of your objects in real-time with the Sketchfab viewer. You can also upload new textures directly to the website and display them on your models instantly.

The material editor is available from the edit panel, in the right side of the viewer. Here it lists all your materials with any names you give them in your 3d package. Picking a material will adjust the camera and outline the section of the model for easy identification.

For a more in-depth tutorial post, just follow the link below to the blog and watch the video.

Blog - Material Editor

We look forward to see what you can achieve with this new tool. Any problems contact us through:


Diablo Style env. (click to view in 3D)

Great news, I’ve been waiting for it. The speed at which you develop new features is awesome.

Thanks! Keep an eye out, we’ve just announced our first speed modelling challenge!