sketching from paper to blender -very newbie-

Hi, I’m very newbie in design, in fact, I’m learning from my own, just because I like it a lot, I have 2 questions:

  1. I have some characters sketched in paper, I was trying to draw them in blender but it’s kind of dificult using the mouse, so, to obtain the best result in put my draws in blender, what is the way should I follow:
    a) draw them from scratch in blender?,
    b) scan my draws and then import them to blender,
    c) use a third party vector based software -such as inkscape- to draw them and then import to blender?,
    d)buy some special pc device to draw my character in the pc?

  2. I want to buy the DVD tutorial from blender store, I was checking each of one, and I think the DVD 3 contains info from novice to some advanced topics, do you recommend me dvd 3 or dvd1?

thanks for your help


Hello htamayo, there isn’t a “specific” way for this. Each of those options are posible, you just need to try them and choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

You can use an image to set it as your background on your viewports and use it as a reference for your modeling.

If you do it with a tablet you’ll get better results for sure.

Yeah, like Claudio said, you’d be using your sketches as reference images for your modeling.

Two great ways to make your reference images is to just draw it on paper and scan them into your computer. The downside to this though is the extra step of having to scan your sketches.

Or like Claudio suggested, use a graphics tablet. I recommend the ones by Wacom. I use a medium sized Bamboo Fun tablet. It cost around $200 and comes with a couple of great drawing programs. This is useful because you can just draw on the computer and make any number of adjustments to your pictures. I don’t know the uses Blender has for vector art but I really think raster is the way to go for character modeling. You can make as rough of a sketch you want. The transition from 2d art to 3d model is rarely perfect.

And I wouldn’t get the DVD tutorials… there are many great free tutorials on the web. I’m learning on my own too and I’ve found the method of box modeling, which I learned off of Youtube, to be perfect for everything.

you could also use grease pencil to draw lines continously in blender!
this might be faster then vertex by vertex

if it is a very complicated dwg then may be outside vector graphic soft might be able to do it faster!

happy 2.5