Sketching with #2 pencil

Here’s a couple of sketches I did with a regular #2 pencil. I used a #2h for the lighter shading. The first one was supposed to be a full length image but I ran out of room on the paper! The second one I didn’t quite finish. Final Fantasy fans might like this.



Those might be nice to take into a paint program to ink and color, and add backgrounds to. Looking good so far :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments Craig. I just bought a book called Manga for the Beginner: Shoujo. It should help me with inking and coloring, but I plan on buying an ink set and better paper. I don’t have a drawing tablet for the computer. Any way here is a couple more images. These were done by looking at Dragon Ball action figures. The second one was just a quick sketch that I wanted to scan into the computer and try to cell shade it in Photoshop. I never got around to it.



Get some Bamboo Pen&Fun and MyPaint and be green no need to cut tree`s :slight_smile:

I was thinking of getting a tablet one day. Thanks for the tip.

These are good but one thing i notice is our hands on the first two are a bit wird looking. The thumb on the female looks like it belongs to a “strong hand” and the one beneith it, might just be the way it scaned looks a bit wird at the pinky and the forefinger. Don’t take it to heart i am horid at drawing hands aswell.

I got the reference picture from Final Fantasy Online in the art section in the Final Fantasy VII page. They actually look pretty much like that. The second one is drawn from a picture from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Blue Ray movie. It is an extremely high quality CG movie. Yeah, it’s a little off here and there, but if you do an image search for Cloud Strife, you’ll see that I was insane for even attempting to draw that. Making a pencil sketch from a CG reference image seems kind of backwards doesn’t it?

lol well everyone needs to find some inspiration sometimes.

I finally decided to finish off the Aeris drawing by continuing on another sheet of paper. I then used Photoshop to splice the two pieces together. The drawing is about 16 inches tall! I tried to play with the healing brush to blend it together but I’m not too good with it.


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Edit: I see the thumbnail is showing up now.

Usually in photoshop I set one layer to Multiply so I can see how it overlaps, and then translate the layer until I get a good overlap. Sometimes I make a mark like a straight line or a square in the background to use as a way to line it up.

I’m finally finished with the book I mentioned in an earlier post. This is a scene at the end of the book. Since I’m working on paper much smaller than what a comic artist would use, I really had to cram it in tight and leave out some of the background. Should look a lot better after inking and coloring. Now that I’ve completed this book, I will try to design some original characters.:cool: